Value Creation Process

Commercial excellence support through research, primary data, and data analysis. And supporting you in visualizing your ideas and casting them into one appealing narrative.

Market and Potential Analysis

Based on a wide range of secondary data sources combined with expert interviews, Clevis Research conducts quantitative market modelings and market development forecasts and provide relevant insights for your market strategies.

In more than ten years of experience in market analyses, Clevis Research has gained extensive knowledge and expertise in over 650 markets and industries with changing trends and customer behavior.

Customer Segmentation and Personas

On the basis of the customer typologies, you learn about the characteristics and needs of your target groups which are relevant to purchasing decisions and the basis for a successful targeted customer approach.

Comprehensive typologies and descriptions of your customers also serve as a basis for internal communication and to increase customer orientation within the company.

Price Optimization & Pricing Strategy

The price of a product/service has a direct impact on the sales and success of your business.

Based on sound methodology (e.g. Gabor-Granger, Price-Sensitivity-Meter by van Westendorp, Conjoint-Analysis) we provide you with relevant insights to optimize your pricing strategy – for both new and existing products/services.

We analyze your customers’ willingness to pay and hereby take into account various product/service features as well as the influence of the price on the willingness to purchase.

Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

With our structured customer feedback programs, we help you to measure relevant variables such as customer satisfaction, recommendation, and customer loyalty.

Various KPIs and metrics (e.g., the Net Promoter Score) are used for this purpose.

Company Rebranding

Brand story development

Distilling the core message and vision in a memorable brand story to communicate the next level or chapter of a firm to all relevant stakeholder groups.

Brand design creation & refresh

Infusing a brand story with new, striking visuals and design e.g., in logo, typography, color scheme, ppt, social media, and mm.

Sales Enablement

Premium sales presentations

Outstanding concepts, storylines and graphic design for new sales documents, corporate & stakeholder presentations.

Presentation & PPT Trainings

Sessions on how to create presentations & stories like in the big consultancies, build PPT skills & communicate effectively.

Design & Creation

Master and template pools

New shine and maximum usability for master templates, slide libraries and any other PowerPoint use cases.

Creative workbench

Uncomplicated hands-on charting service for reporting & co, when things need to be done quickly.

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