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We spark growth and advance innovation for Private Equity Funds, Venture Capitalists and Entrepreneurs

We are a Business Services Holding company based in Munich, Germany.

We develop, acquire and hold portfolio companies in the professional service sector such as consultancies, market research companies, headhunting firms and communication agencies.

We contribute to the success of entrepreneurs and investors and improve the odds for our clients to become inspiring companies that will continue to change the world.

This creates a unique opportunity to work alongside great minds and contribute to their growth and company development.


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We support both investors and entrepreneurs with dedicated sector competencies in technology fields during transaction processes. Our dedicated teams support with commercial and technology due diligence, sector strategy assessments as well as vendor assistance projects.

We offer a sector focused and data-driven advisory services that will help stakeholders in transaction situations to diligently assess the potentials and risks in every transaction and make the right decisions.

We have helped hundreds of times to complete ambitious deals in turbulent times and under short time frames.

Value Creation

Once the transaction is completed, it can be difficult to find the right resources to help your business and assets grow. Growth is essential for any business, but it can be difficult to achieve it on your own.

To create value for investors in numerous areas after the investment, we are pioneering a unique approach combining interdisciplinary expert teams.

From identifying promising potentials in your niche market to effectively communicating your ambitions in growth situations – we’ve got you covered!

Recent Activities


Capvis AG invests into AdEx Partners

Capvis AG was advised by the Telescope Advisory Partners team with a Commercial Due Diligence during the investment process of AdEx Partners, a highly regarded Digital Transformation and IT strategy consultancy in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

IK Partners acquired a minority stake in Remazing

IK Partners acquired a significant minority stake in Remazing, a marketing services and software provider focused on the Amazon marketplace. Telescope advised IK Partners with Commercial Due Diligence services on its acquisition of Remazing.


Industry Insights: Metaverse

Discover the 3 key features you need to know to understand this new phenomenon.

Industry Insights: The Business Model Behind Accelerated Growth

Discover the business model behind accelerated growth. Learn the bulletproof strategy behind exponential growth of companies like SalesForce, Atlassian, and similar.


SBS Group Slide Deck

When it comes to conveying information clearly, a good structure is the be-all and end-all. This is especially true for the presentation of graphics and diagrams.

With our client, the SBS Group, we therefore paid particular attention to this in our joint project to present the results of the first quarter of 2022.

Based on a comprehensive briefing and in compliance with the design specifications, we not only created the slide deck including title and closing slides as well as the agenda, but also ensured a uniform and structured overall image that ...

... organizes the information contained in it according to relevance by means of clear visual hierarchies

... effectively guides the eye of the audience through CI-compliant color choices

... graphically underlines the positive result of the company.

Inflection Investments Corporate Branding

For the successful establishment of a new brand, a meaningful, professional pitch deck is an indispensable basic building block.

In an extensive workshop, we were first able to dive deep into brainstorming with our colleagues from Inflection.

The following questions had to be answered:

What brand are we building?
What should this brand say?
What design language should we develop from it?

Management Team

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ludwig preller

Ludwig Preller, Managing Partner

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Simon Fischer, Managing Partner

victor henckel von donnersmarck

K. Victor Henckel von Donnersmarck, Managing Partner

Valerie Graf-Böge

Valerie Graf-Böge, Head of HR Operations

ludwig preller

Dmitry Bogdanov, Head of Finance

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